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Kit Loong Tyre is a comprehensive tyre
organization, renown for being a total tyre
solution provider.

Kit Loong Tyre is a leading resource centre for quality products for various market segments of the tyre industry.
We develop and manufacture quality precure tread liners, cushion gum, and other rubber compounds to provide raw material solutions for retreaders worldwide. Our retreading factories produce a comprehensive range of quality retread tyres to serve the needs of commercial and industrial tyre dealers and users.

Through our long alliances with local and international tyre companies, we are established and reputable distributors and suppliers of quality new tyres for dealers and users of passenger car, commercial and industrial tyres. In addition, we are well positioned to source tubes, flaps, rims and other tyre-related products for our customers' needs.


Kit Loong Tyre, through 75 years of experience and direct involvement in virtually all aspects of the tyre industry, has amassed a wealth of know-how, which is constantly deployed to enhance our value chain for the benefits of our customers.

The accumulated know-how, encompassing technical knowledge, industrial expertise, commercial acumen, market insight and consumer understanding, is an invaluable source of our competitive edge, and provides the fundamental strength to facilitate our ability to deliver appropriate solutions to our customers. In particular, the benefits of our know-how resources are most effectively accessed through participation in our various alliance programs, designed to meet specific needs of different market segments.


Kit Loong Tyre is resourced to provide a complete range of value-added services to deliver effective solutions for the specific needs of various market segments.

We are especially focused on the approach of complementing quality products with proper services to deliver maximum benefits to the tyre users. We combine our ability to supply quality products with our extensive know-how, particularly with regards to understanding of customer needs and knowledge of the technical and operational factors affecting tyre performance, to develop and offer services that satisfy the needs of various market segments.

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